School Counselling

In school counselling

We provide support and counselling in a school setting to children and young people. We also offer training and consultation to schools and Academies.

We have a team of counsellors and therapists with many years experience of working with children and young people in schools. Our counselling team is made up of qualified counsellors (CBT, NLP, hypnotherapist) and pre-qualifying placement trainees on advanced or postgraduate diploma/MA in counselling and Students of Psychology. All counsellors receive regular in house supervision.


Our counselling practice is in accordance with the ethics and Code of Conduct of our accrediting bodies and with statutory legislation. We work in co-operation with our school’s/academy child protection policy and guidelines.

What we offer

  • A bespoke service for individual schools in terms of the kind of counselling support they may need.

  • Provision of counselling for children, parents or staff

  • Emergency / crisis assistance

  • Group work; Self-esteem,

  • Mentoring