NOTE : Please bring the completed form to your first appointment. Information given to us on the form and at any assessment meeting is confidential and will not be shared with any (ex-) partner unless you give us permission to do so. In particular, your contact details will not be disclosed. However, if we proceed into mediation, we will ask if this completed sheet can be shared with your (ex-) partner. Do telephone us if you have any queries.

Client Initial Information Form

How would you best like to be contacted
I wish my Email and home address and telephone numbers to be kept confidential

If you are consulting a Solicitor, Please State

Are there issues of abuse, protection, violence or safety, which we may need to address, either in relation to you or any children? If YES, please specify
Are you aware of any potential involvement with the proceeds of crime or money laundering, however small? If YES, please specify
Are there any reasons why you would not wish to be in the same room as your (ex-) partner? If YES, please specify.