Domestic Violence Intervention Programme

The Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVIP) is a 1-1 and a rolling programme, comprises of 27 sessions, 23 of which are structured. These are divided into 9 modules of 3 sessions each on:


Non-Threatening Behaviour


Trust and Support

Honesty and Accountability

Sexual Respect


Responsible Parenting

Negotiation and fairness

This programme is designed to help men to understand why they have used abusive behaviour, how they can change this, and how they can work towards respectful relationships with women.

The programme challenges men to take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming their partners or outside factors for their violence. Men are taught to critically assess their gender-based expectations of themselves and their partners. It is not an anger management or counselling group; it is designed specifically to address domestic violence.

The programme draws on a wide range of approaches including cognitive, behavioural, social learning theory, psychodrama, psychotherapeutic and relationship skills teaching.

This enables us to create a challenging environment and at the same time offer support for personal change.

We proactively contact every woman whose partner is referred to the Domestic Violence Intervention Programme, by phone.  We stay in touch with all women clients through regular phone calls.  If there are specific concerns for a woman’s safety or her children’s safety, we make contact a priority and take all available steps to minimise the risks.

Women whose partners are on the programme are offered: One-to- one telephone support sessions, which we can adapt according to individual circumstances.