DNA Legal

DNA Legal are the UK’s leading provider of testing in the family court sector and the company who provide testing services to Cafcass for every private family law case that requires parentage verification across England and Wales.

The company exceeds all ISO accreditations, including ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:17025 and ISO:27001. The laboratory, Eurofins Medigenomix Forensick is an accredited provider of legal DNA Testing to courts in England and Wales.

DNA Legal and NACCC have worked together to deliver contact centres with the ability to provide DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing services. This way visitors of the contact centre and others that are looking for a centre to have their tests completed can attend their local contact centre to have their samples taken by a member of staff that has been trained and certified by DNA legal.

Spectrum Inc are working in partnership with DNA legal and have been fully trained and certified to collect various types of samples required for Relationship testing and Drug & Alcohol testing meaning they can provide families with continued support with DNA legal.