Adult 1-1 Counselling Service

Our counselling team has many years of experience in the field, and regularly deals with a variety of issues; including domestic violence, phobias, and marital/relationship challenges. The team is made up of qualified counsellors (CBT, NLP, hypnotherapist) and trainees on advanced or postgraduate diploma/MA in counselling, Students of Psychology. All counsellors have been DBS accredited and our service is BACP registered.

All counsellors receive regular in-house supervision.

Counselling appointments available – Mon- Friday: 9.30am -7.30pm

(Excluding Bank Holidays)

In-Schools counselling services

We view our resilience programme as “an ability to manage life’s adversities well, stay mentally healthy and be successful”.

From our work with children and young people, they feel that there is an inconsistency in response to their needs from professionals, school staff and parents, which makes it difficult for them to get the support they need or want.

We have responded with our School counselling and resilience programme which helps to bring about an increase understanding in teachers, children and young people exactly what it means to be resilient and to have an increase understanding of how as teachers, they can effectively promote the resilience of more and less vulnerable pupils in the schools and colleges.

There is a need for bespoke advice for different sub-groups, this includes: children and young people in care; those who may have suffered from domestic violence; those who are self-harming and those where there is mental illness at home.

Our counselling/resilience skills programme include: motivation, self-awareness, problem-solving, conflict management and resolution, collaborative working, how to understand and manage feelings, the development of social skills and empathy, and how to manage relationships with parents, carers and peers.

Our targeted approach by our trained specialist and counsellors, will help those children and young people who are the most emotionally, socially and economically disadvantaged and at risk of social, emotional and behavioural problems.

Our programme can include: provision of mindfulness training for teachers, children and young people, enabling access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.